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Experience Alaska's range of adventure and leisure activities.

Alaska Flightseeing Adventures

Alaska Flightseeing

In a state one-fifth the size of the Lower 48 with less than 10,000 miles of road, flying is a way of life. Air taxis are to Alaska what yellow cabs are to New York and water taxis are to Venice. So much of Alaska is remote, that taking a flight tour, or flight-seeing, provides a view of the state that is impossible to get while still on the ground.

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Alaska Sea Kayaking

Take to the sea in a kayak in one of the wildest places on Earth. Along Alaska’s southeastern coast, little is accessible by road. Glaciers tumble down from high mountain slopes, scattering icebergs across inlets and bays. Ferns and moss carpet the floor of the ancient Tongass Forest, and waters rich with salmon and nutrients lure wildlife of every sort, from humpback whales and sea otters to brown bears. Exploring from the intimate perspective of your kayak, encounter the forests and shores of Alaska close up.

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Denali National Park Tour

Denali Park is home to North America’s highest mountain, Mt. McKinley, towering over 20,300 feet tall. The 6 million acre National Park will also give you one of your best opportunities to see Alaska’s wildlife such as grizzly bear, moose, wolves, Dall sheep and caribou. Denali Park is located about 240 miles north of Anchorage, …

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Alaska Bear Viewing

Brown bears (Ursus arctos), also known as grizzlies, occur throughout Alaska except on islands south of Frederick Sound in southeast Alaska, west of Unimak in the Aleutian Chain, and Bering Sea islands. They also occur in Russia, northern China, northern Japan, Europe, western Canada, and in limited portions of the northwestern United States. Brown bears …

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Alaska Saltwater Fly Fishing

alaska fishing vacations

With over 45,000 miles of coastline, Alaska certainly presents ample opportunities for the saltwater fly fishing enthusiast. The regions of Southeast, Prince William Sound, Kodiak, and Lower Cook Inlet provide the right combination of accessibility and available fish species to make beach- and inshore-fishing a fun-filled endeavor. Most of the saltwater fly angling in Alaska …

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Alaska Fly Fishing

King salmon are probably the most exciting large freshwater species that can be taken on the fly. We are usually fishing from shore or wading from gravel bars to pursue these giant fish. Casting a fly to kings requires proper gear and technique. Kings run early in the season when river flows are high and …

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