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Alaska Fishing Vacations

Alaska Fishing Vacations – A Variety of Expeditions

Alaska fishing vacations are perhaps the most popular kinds of vacations taken in the state. Every angler dreams of putting down all other responsibilities and taking off for the Alaskan wilderness to fish. Literally thousands of streams, rivers and lakes dot the massive state of Alaska. Plus, saltwater fishing is readily available with miles of coastline at your disposal. There are many options for fishing in Alaska, some of which are taking an ocean charter boat, heading up the river in a jet boat, or flying by plane to a remote area of Alaska to fish for huge species of salmon and halibut.

Alaska Fishing Vacations

Charter boats hit the ocean daily for sportsmen on their Alaska fishing vacations. All you need to do is get a ticket and climb aboard! For some of the best halibut fishing in the world, you had better be ready with a strong line and appetizing bait for the fish. King salmon are huge fish reaching upwards of 75 pounds. Silver salmon are much smaller-around 10 pounds-but they pack a powerful punch for their size. Huge species of halibut inhabit the Alaskan waters. If you are ready for a challenge, and possibly to set a new record, bring along a friend or two who can help you reel in the 300 to 400-pound monsters. What a trophy!

Alaska Fishing Vacations

Another popular pursuit is fly-fishing. For this variety of fishing, you can recruit the pilot of a small charter plane to transport you to a lake or stream in the most remote areas of Alaska.

Planes like these have been in operation for many years and are fitted with floats for water take-offs and landings. These are perfect for getting you to the places where the fish are and people are not. For safe Alaska fishing vacations, make sure you hire a pilot who is experienced and can equip you with any fishing gear you may be missing, maps, and anything else you need.


Traveling with others up the river in a jet boat can be an exciting experience on its own. Add to it the reward of fishing at the end and you have a perfect vacation. The variety of Alaska fishing vacations is very diverse. Clearly there are many options for excursions to where the fish are biting. If you want to travel to Alaska soon, be sure to book well in advance. Summer months are the busiest, so plan ahead to reserve your visit to the north.

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