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alaska's fishing vacations

Alaska’s Fishing Vacations – An Angler’s Paradise

Alaska’s fishing vacations are the dream of a lifetime for the dedicated angler. The waters of this state teem with dozens of fish varieties. From sea to inland lakes, anglers can find challenges around every corner. And when they cast their line it is almost certain that they will come up with something. Come take a journey to one of the best fishing spots in North America.

Alaska’s Fishing Vacations

alaska's fishing vacationsSalmon make a great focus for Alaska’s fishing vacations. From the west coast to the panhandle, this state is home to multiple species of salmon. From King Salmon to Pink Salmon, the challenge is just waiting for the keen angler.

The salmon’s life cycle spans from fresh to saltwater and back again. All of this provides many opportunities for catching the big one. Saltwater salmon fishing is available in many parts of Alaska. Salmon are in the prime of their life during their saltwater travel.


Young and feisty, they create the perfect challenge. When the spawning urge comes upon them, they begin the journey upstream to their freshwater homes. On the journey, they travel up some streams in the heart of Alaska. And it will not be a walk in the park for an angler. They are fighting to get home to spawn. And they are not going to come out of the water voluntarily.

alaska's fishing vacationsHalibut also make a great focus for Alaska fishing vacations. Preferring the south central and southeastern coastal waters, huge bottom feeders, halibut can weigh in at over ninety pounds. During the winter and spring, they congregate in the deep waters well offshore.

But in the summer months, they prefer the shallow coastal waters. This is when fishing is at its prime for the angler. It requires some skill and luck along with good equipment. Shallow to them is around 100 feet down.

Good fishing charter captains can help you choose the right gear for your attempt at the great fish.

Other fish lurk for the lucky angler on Alaska’s fishing vacations. Trout populate many of the rivers in the panhandle region. Trout along with pike and whitefish live in the waters of southcentral Alaska. In the Interior and along with western coast, grayling, trout, pike and burbot can be found in selected spots year round. No matter where you decide to cast your line, you are bound to come up with something. Take a chance and pack up your tackle.

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