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alaska halibut fishing

Alaska Halibut Fishing – Heavyweights of the Deep

Alaska halibut fishing has always been one of the highlights on my trips to Alaska. When planning a halibut fishing trip to Alaska, there are a few things to understand before heading north. Here are three suggestions for anyone planning on targeting Alaska’s heavyweights of the deep.

  1. Halibut can give anyone a challenge because of the massive size they can reach due to the nutrient rich Alaskan waters. The first thing to consider is physical conditioning. Hauling a mature halibut of 100-300 pounds to the surface has been compared to hoisting a barn door off the ocean floor. Halibut can be found in great abundance along the Alaskan coast in depths anywhere from 20 to 400 feet depending on season and location.
  2. Practice CPR (catch, photograph and release). Halibut can be heavy, weighing in at over 100 pounds. These larger specimens are generally female. By catching and releasing the large females you’re helping the fishery stay healthy for future generations. Pay close attention to your guide, if you have one, as their knowledge of the local fishing grounds will help put you on the fish. If you are staying at a fishing lodge, your guide can also provide you with useful advice about fishing techniques and bait.
  3. Local knowledge is an important element to success. Speak with other fisherman in the area to glean any useful information they may offer. Prime locals are those places where halibut come up to feed during the summer months. River mouths are a good source of food for halibut and these areas often make good fishing locations during while salmon are spawning. The spent salmon carcasses are carried down river and into the mouths of hungry halibut.

Alaska Halibut Fishing – Monsters of the Deep

alaska halibut fishing

Be Prepared For the Fight of Your Life

Halibut lay on the sandy ocean bottom in shallow depressions. Fishing on the tide change, as this is when halibut tend to bite. You’ll need to find a tide chart at your local bait and tackle shop or go Alaska Fish & Game online.

Apart from knowing where to go for the best Alaska halibut fishing is having the right gear for making Alaska halibut fishing an enjoyable experience.

Your tackle will need to be up to the task and be able to handle the extreme force these heavyweights of the deep can exert. Alaskan halibut can exceed 300 pounds!


Don’t Come to at a Gunfight with a Knife

The correct rod and reel setup will result in a balance between weight, strength and durability. If the rig is too heavy, you will tire out, but if it is not heavy enough, the strength and durability will not withstand a fight with a halibut. The proper hooks and lure are important as well, and charter ship captains, fishing lodge guides and fishermen at the docks can all help you with your selection.

If you decide to charter a boat to experience Alaska halibut fishing, your captain will take care of many of the decisions and preparation. The charter boat should provide you with a comfortable fishing platform and his or her advice should help you make the catch you have been hoping for. Fishing in Alaska is an experience you will always remember. In order for the memory to be all you’ve imagined, be prepared, and most of all enjoy yourself.

George De Filippo, owner of Alaska’s Inside Passage Resorts shares his passion of fishing, yachting adventures, and Alaskan wildlife with those wishing to experience the awesome beauty of Alaska. For a free video and Alaska vacation planner visit us at http://www.alaskalodgesandyachts.com

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