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Alaska Tours – Over Land and Sea

Alaska tours are a guided experience offered by an individual, lodge or tour company. There are literally hundreds of these tours available, some great, some to be avoided.

alaska toursBy and large you’ll find well informed, qualified tour leaders who know Alaska’s wildlife and flora, and can fill in the blanks as you kayak past an iceberg or see wildlife from a tour bus or boat.

The personality of your tour guide plays a large role in your overall experience. Some are better communicators, some have a charming style, occasionally, some can be curt and seemingly uninterested or over zealous.


How do you avoid getting hooked up with a tour guide that talks too much or adds little to your experience?

You can speak with the tour company and get a profile of their guides or contact an Alaska travel planner who may know which tour companies will provide the best fit for you and your group. If you have friends that have taken the tours, ask them how they were treated and if they would recommend the service.

Alaska Tours

Alaska tours

Tours of the National Parks are very popular as are kayaking tours, bear viewing tours, and nature photography tours, and flight seeing tours. These should be arranged before departing for Alaska if at all possible.

If you are staying at hotel, contact the concierge or activities desk for recommendations. If you are cruising, ask your cruise director for suggestions, but be aware that they have tour operators under contract and will likely stay within their prefered travel partner network.

One tour that I highly recommend is the Kenai Fjords tour out of Seward. You can extend this great tour with an overnight on Fox Island. You see a great range of tidewater glaciers, puffins, whales, Orca, and thousands of seabirds and marine mammals. If you’re in Ketchikan, tour Misty Fjords National Monument by air or by sea. It is just spectacular.

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