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Kenai Fjords Tour

Kenai Fjords Northwestern Tour

Experience Alaska’s best glacier and wildlife on the Kenai Fjords Northwestern Tour.  It is said that the Kenai Peninsula is a microcosm of Alaska – almost every type of ecosystem in the state is represented on your Kenai Fjords Tour. At the tip of the peninsula, a comfortable 3 hour drive from Anchorage, the crenulated coastline of Kenai Fjords National Park plays home to some of most pristine, rugged, breathtaking glacial vistas in North America.


Kenai Fjords TourThe massive Harding icefield, with the occasional nunatak (“lonely peak”) rising up from its almost perfectly level surface, feeds the 38 glaciers of the park. These glaciers, in turn, have been sculpting the fjords themselves since the Pleistocene era, in the process making a home for the many species of marine life—mammals, fish, and and seabird alike—that gather here.

Seward is one of Alaska’s oldest and most charming towns, Seward has been called the “gateway” to the Kenai Fjords National Park. Overlooking Resurrection Bay, Seward is about 125 miles from Anchorage – and travelers along the Seward Highway Scenic Byway are sure to find it a highlight of the trip. Whether you drive (or are driven), ride the Alaska Railroad, arrive by airplane or cruise ship, this three-time All American City is filled with history and hospitality.


Fleet and Crew

Kenai Fjords tour boat captains and crew are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Each cruise is fully narrated by our captains who have been navigating the waters of Kenai Fjords National Park an average of 12 years. Each vessel has been customized for the maximum comfort of our guests. We offer multi-level walk-around viewing decks as well as warm, spacious inside seating with large picture windows. All vessels are restroom equipped and accessible to guests with limited mobility.

The Fleet: Kenai Fjords Tours operates the largest day cruise fleet in Southcentral Alaska. Our millineum class vessels are 95 feet long and Coast Guard licensed for 150 passengers. Our boats offer a fast cruising speed, allowing for extra time to photograph and view wildlife and glaciers.

Our Custom Birding and Photography tours use our smaller Delta Marine vessels, which, at 43 feet long, offer a stable cruise through the blue green waters of Kenai Fjords National Park. Coast Guard licensed to carry 22 passengers, we limit each departure to just 16 guests for their comfort on board.

Fox Island is a peaceful, remote island in the middle of Resurrection Bay, just outside of Kenai Fjords National Park. There are two great ways to enjoy this one of a kind Alaskan destination. Both exclusively available through Kenai Fjords Tours!

Kenai Fjords Northwestern Tour with Overnight at Fox Island

Kenai Fjords Northwestern TourCome aboard one of our exclusive Fox Island tours and enjoy a unique remote island escape. Feast on an all-you-can-eat wild Alaskan salmon and prime rib buffet, as you enjoy the rugged beauty of Fox Island. Walk the beach. Relax on the lake-front deck. Shop for souvenirs in the gift shop.

The Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge offers a high quality, remote island experience. This unique experience from Kenai Fjords Tours takes visitors to our exclusive property on Fox Island, located in the heart of Resurrection Bay.

Travel by boat from Seward to Fox Island and overnight in your private cabin. Every overnight stay at our exclusive lodge includes all meals, accommodations and our premium Northwestern Fjord Tour.

Book an optional guided kayaking tour, practice your skill skipping stones, or walk along the beach looking for treasures from the sea. An overnight stay on Fox Island is a wonderful way to experience the remote beauty of this special place.

Seward Windsong Lodge

Kenai Fjords Northwestern Tour - Seward Windsong LodgeAfter a day of sightseeing with Kenai Fjords Tours to see wildlife and glaciers up close, relax at Seward Alaska’s finest full service lodge. Looking for a new base camp for your next adventure?

The Seward Windsong Lodge offers the best Alaska Lodging in Seward for your vacation to Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska. Seward is a beautiful place to visit, and we offer great places to stay to combine with your wildlife and glacier cruise. Relax and stay a while!

Tucked away in a forested setting in a beautiful glacier valley, the Seward Windsong Lodge is the perfect Alaska lodge for your Alaska adventure vacation!


Day 1: Journey to Fox Island

Kenai Fjords Northwestern Tour - Alaska Railroad

The Alaska Railroad travels south from Anchorage along a beautiful coastline, through a scenic mountain pass and to the town of Seward. During your rail tour, a local Alaskan guide shares the natural history of the Kenai Peninsula and identifies wildlife along the way. Keep an eye out for eagles, moose, Dall sheep and more as you travel through the Alaska wilderness.

Once you arrive in Seward, a courtesy shuttle is ready to take you to the small boat harbor where you will enjoy a narrated boat cruise out into the smooth waters of Resurrection Bay.

Your destination is Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge on the secluded shores of Fox Island.

Kenai Fjords Northwestern Tour - Fox Island

Cascading waterfalls decorate the tall cliffs of Halibut Cove as your vessel approaches the dock. Enter the Fox Island Day Lodge for lunch featuring wild Alaska salmon and prime rib. Watch an insightful presentation about Kenai Fjords National Park while you enjoy lunch.

Afterward, spend the afternoon exploring the many wonders of Fox Island. Hike through the temperate rain forest, pick wild berries, or comb the beach. Fox Island is famous for its annual rock skipping contest and the beach has an endless supply of perfectly shaped skipping stones to choose from as you stroll along the unique shoreline.

Day 2: A Kayak Adventure

Seward Windsong viewsAfter breakfast, embark on a guided kayaking tour along the coves and beaches of Fox Island. Your experienced guide will soon have even the first time paddler kayaking like a pro. As you kayak around the island your guide will introduce you to a variety of the birds and marine wildlife of Resurrection Bay.

Enjoy a relaxing stop and a refreshing meal on the peaceful Fox Island Spit. Be sure to catch a glimpse of the glassy lagoon that reflects the skyline of this island paradise.

Resume your kayak adventure to the edge of the Gulf of Alaska and back to the Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge for a superb dinner prepared by the island chef.

Day 3: The Kenai Fjords Northwestern tour

Kenai Fjords Wilderness LodgeCheck out of your beachfront cabin after breakfast and join Kenai Fjords Tours for a full day glacier and wildlife cruise into the Northwestern Fjord. Your captain shares an extensive knowledge of the wildlife of Kenai Fjords National Park. See puffins, cormorants and murres commonly found nesting in the jagged cliffs and coves in the Chiswell Islands.

Look for orcas and humpback whales as your tour continues into the peaceful waters of the fjord. The Northwestern Fjord is adorned with glittering alpine and tidewater glaciers. These rivers of ice are part of the Harding Ice Field that covers almost 700 square miles of the southern Kenai Mountains.

As the boat nears the towering Northwestern Glacier your captain idles down the engine, giving you a chance to hear the thundering cracking of ice as it breaks away from the glacier and crashes into the sea. Your voyage continues on past cascading waterfalls and sea lion haul-outs as you return to Resurrection Bay for a pleasant ride back to Seward.

After your Kenai Fjords Northwestern Tour, take a quick shuttle to the Seward Windsong Lodge where you’ll spend the night in a lodge on the banks of Resurrection River. This quiet forest setting is home to one of Seward’s favorite restaurants, the Resurrection Roadhouse. The rest of the evening is yours to enjoy fine dining at the lodge or a refreshing walk along the river.

Day 4: Adventures in Seward

Seward Windsong viewsBegin your day with a guided hiking tour through lush forest trails to Exit Glacier. Your tour starts with a shuttle from the lodge to the head of Resurrection River where the glowing ice of Exit Glacier channels its way down the green mountainside.

Your naturalist guide shares insightful facts about how the early vegetation of this glacial valley will pave the way for a dense forest in years to come.


After your Kenai Fjords Northwestern tour, head over to the sled dog kennel of Iditarod champion Mitch Seavy for an exciting look at a truly Alaskan sport. Talk with expert mushers who love to explore Alaska’s winter trails with an energetic dog team leading the way.

Experience the athleticism of these terrific animals yourself with a thrilling ride through the wooded trails of this beautiful region. Be sure to spend some time with the kennels newest puppies before you go. At the end of an exciting day, return to the Seward Windsong Lodge for a second night in a serene
river valley.

Day 5: From Seward to Anchorage

After your Kenai Fjords Northwestern Tour winds down, make your last day in Seward a highlight with a visit to the Alaska SeaLife Center, to learn how researchers are helping rehabilitate injured or orphaned marine wildlife found in Kenai Fjords National Park. A courtesy shuttle takes you from the lodge to the Alaska SeaLife Center for a wildlife experience with a unique perspective. The ability to view what happens beneath the ocean’s surface through the large underwater tanks will fill
you with fascination.

Witness the grace of the giant Steller sea lion as it glides almost weightlessly through the water. Watch puffins and murres as they dive below the surface for food along the rocky floor. With refreshments available for purchase, a person could spend an entire afternoon at the Alaska SeaLife Center enjoying an awesome array of marine environments.

After your visit, enjoy the remainder of the day at your leisure. Explore the coastal trails down at Lowell Point, or visit the gift shops at the small boat harbor. Or book a trip with one of the local fishing guides who are ready to take you on a saltwater fishing experience like no other. As the day draws to a close, board a deluxe motorcoach for a comfortable tour back to Anchorage.

Your narrated tour travels past rushing waterfalls, rolling creeks, and rocky cliffs. Keep an eye out for bald eagles, Dall sheep and other intriguing wildlife along the way. Your motorcoach tour to Anchorage
concludes this fantastic vacation package. Thank you for coming to Alaska and exploring the beauty of Kenai Fjords National Park. We hope you will come again soon.

Any Kenai Fjords Tours vacation package can be customized to suit your travel specifications. Ask our experienced reservations team for assistance with activities or changes to this itinerary to make your vacation the Alaska Adventure that you’ve been looking for.

Please note that dining options mentioned above may not be included in your package. As a general guideline, day trips that exceed five hours typically provide a meal or snack as part of the excursion. Meals at hotels and lodges are usually not included in the vacation package price. For specific details, ask a reservation specialist about meals as you finalize your itinerary.