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Waterfall Resort – Alaska Sportfishing

Waterfall Resort - Alaska SportfishingWaterfall Resort, located on the west coast of Prince of Wales Island, has provided guests with the ultimate sportfishing experience since 1982.

Each season, Waterfall Resort hosts over 2300 avid and novice anglers who come to fish for various species including the Trophy-size King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Pacific Halibut, Ling-cod, Red Snapper, and other bottom fish.



Waterfall Resort – Alaska Sportfishing 

Waterfall Resort - Alaska SportfishingAlong the West Coast of Prince of Wales Island where Waterfall Resort is located, extreme tides and surging ocean currents create a habitat for millions of bait fish that attract annual returns of Trophy-size Salmon, Halibut, Red Snapper, and Ling Cod.

These natural phenomena, which first attracted commercial fishermen, offer premier Fishing grounds in Alaska for some of the best Salmon and Halibut Sport Fishing in the world.


Waterfall Resort’s Legendary Fishing History

Waterfall Resort - Alaska SportfishingFrom 1912 through the late 1960s, Waterfall Cannery, once one of the most productive Salmon Fishing Canneries in the Ketchikan area, played a historic role in modern canning and processing of the seined caught or fish trapped salmon.

More than 100 years later the renovated historic cannery is now home to the all-inclusive legendary sport fishing destination Waterfall Resort, and has hosted more than 50,000 guests, making it the most popular fishing lodge in Alaska.


Cabin Cruisers, Rods, Reels Are All Included!

Waterfall Resort - Alaska SportfishingWaterfall’s North River custom-designed fleet includes 27 Almar aluminum 25 ft. Cabin Cruisers built for Alaskan waters and designed for comfort and safety.

Each 4-person Cruiser, staffed with a professional guide, features special Shock-absorbing double seats, heated Cabins, Furuno Marine Electronics: GPS, Radar, Color Fish & Depth Meter and Communications.

This historic resort features Shimano line counter reels and G. Loomis 8 ft. one-piece rods for Salmon fishing. Stout Seeker rods with Shimano reels for easier bottom fishing in depths of 150 ft.

Sample Itinerary

Arrival Day
whale 7The nutrient rich West Coast of Prince of Wales Island has been fished commercially for over a Century. From 1912 through the late 1960’s, Waterfall Cannery, once one of the most productive Salmon Fishing Canneries in the Ketchikan area, played a historic role in modern canning and processing of the seined caught or fish trapped salmon. Every day at Waterfall hold endless wildlife encounters.

Shortly after checking in, you leave for an afternoon of Alaska sport-fishing. That’s correct – you are fishing for halibut and/or salmon within hours of arrival in Alaska! Dinner at the Resort features fine Alaskan Cuisine and is served in the Dining Room from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Other evening activities at Waterfall Resort may include a hike to the Waterfall, relaxing in the Saloon Lagoon, a game of pool or telling fishing stories.

Full Days
GroupA hearty Breakfast is served daily at 5 a.m. Boats depart at 6:30 a.m. for a full day of Fishing and exploring. Guides teach you the Alaskan style of Fishing for King Salmon and Halibut. A delicious lunch is served on board your cabin cruiser followed by more great Alaska fishing amidst the stunning scenery and marine life surrounding Prince of Wales Island.

You’ll return to the Resort by 5:30 p.m. Then it’s photo time! Our Derby Hostess will take pictures of you and your catch, after which your fish are cleaned, filleted, vacuum packed and flash frozen. You’ll also explore the inlets and bays looking for Whales, Bald Eagles, Sea Lions, etc. Boats return to the Resort at 4:30 p.m. when the catches are unloaded and pictures are taken. Hopefully, one of your Fish will qualify for one of over 35 prizes in this years “$100,000 King of Kings Salmon Tournament.”

Departure Day
Waterfall 0612-53After Fishing for several hours, you’ll return to the Resort at 10 a.m. and our staff prepares and packages the morning’s catch for your trip home. Lunch is available before the Floatplane arrives.
Waterfall Resort’s on-site Alaska Airlines agents already have reconfirmed all your flights home, tagged your luggage and fish boxes, and provided your Boarding Pass and Seat Assignment. Floatplanes leave Waterfall Resort for Ketchikan at approximately 1:30 p.m. every day.



The Egg House Suites, Offer Premium Accommodations.After an exciting day of wild Alaska sport fishing, relax in Waterfall Resort’s comfortable accommodations including renovated Historic Boardwalk Cabins, Oceanfront Lodge Rooms, Executive Egg House Suites, and Family Sized Townhouse Condos. All accommodations come with daily housekeeping, a private bathroom and in-room amenities including a coffee maker and mini-fridge.

Every room is within a short stroll (or courtesy golf cart ride) of the docks and cabin cruisers, panoramic guest dining room and popular Lagoon Saloon. Large groups and corporate events also have access to a selection of meeting rooms and specialized business services.

All-Inclusive Dining

Waterfall 0612-587Waterfall Resort is well known for its excellent dining experience, providing anglers with the hearty meals they need to fuel a day of adventure on the water. All-inclusive meals are prepared fresh daily by Executive Chef Tim Chappell and his kitchen crew, and are served in the panoramic dining room with scenic views of the Ulloa Channel.



Custom Fish Processing

Waterfall Resort - Alaska SportfishingEach day’s catch is filleted, cleaned and cut in BBQ cooking size portions, vacuum packed, labeled, then flash frozen to seal in the freshness and unique flavor. All Fish are boxed, checked in as luggage, and travel home with each guest on Departure Day.

Fish are filleted and cleaned within hours of catching. They are vacuum packed, and flash frozen to seal in freshness.

 Special Guest Services

Waterfall Resort - Alaska SportfishingThe Lagoon Saloon opens at 4 p.m., overlooks the forest and saltwater lagoon, and is the gathering place for Guests and Staff. Enjoy views of the Tongass National Forest from the casual sitting areas while playing Poker, Pool, Ping Pong, or Darts. Check your emails on the Guest Computers.

Catch up on the latest ESPN sports happenings on our large screen TV. Our TV room converts into a comfortable meeting room for 40-50 Guests. Refreshments from the full bar may be billed to our room.

With a limit of over 100 guests per day and a 1 to 1 Guest-to-Staff Ratio, Waterfall ensures the same attention to detail that guests experience at the world’s top Resorts.

Waterfall retains an Alaska Airlines representative at the Resort. These services include reconfirming all flights and seat assignments; plus tagging luggage and fish boxes for the trip home from this most memorable fishing vacation.

$100,000 Fishing Tournament: Guests may participate in the season-long fishing tournament.  Approximately 40 different prizes for travel and merchandise are awarded.

King Salmon Jackpot Challenge: Guests may compete in this 4-day special event in late May to kick-off the season. Over $5,000 in sponsored merchandise and optional cash jackpots. No entry fee and lots of fun!

Nature & Wildlife

Waterfall Resort - Alaska Sportfishing

Enjoy a nature hike after dinner to the falls. Experience a 1.5 mile hike to the waterfall. It is an easy-to-medium hike along the sandy beach (black bear sightings are normal).

Guests will pass along dense rain-forest and then along a boardwalk over a small spawning stream (August) to the waterfall.

Dining at Waterfall Resort

Waterfall Resort - Alaska SportfishingWaterfall Resort is known for its excellent dining experience. Meals are served in the Guest Dining Room overlooking picturesque Ulloa Channel.  These gourmet delights are prepared fresh daily by Waterfall’s Chef and his staff. Waterfall’s dining area overlooks Ulloa Channel.


Waterfall Resort’s Historic Roots

In the early 1900’s, Waterfall Cannery was the largest salmon packing plant on the west coast of Prince of Wales Island. Salmon were caught in fish traps or aboard seiners, and cured in a light brine before being packed in handmade cans and shipped to New York and throughout Europe. Like most canneries in Alaska, this remote operation on the Ulloa Channel was a complete, self-sufficient, temporary community. When the season was over, all but a few workers departed and Waterfall passed out of existence until the next summer’s migration.

In 1936, Waterfall Cannery produced 310,000 cases of salmon, then the record for any salmon cannery. But the first salmon processing camp operated on a much smaller scale. In 1911, the Alaska Fish Company started a floating cannery on an old sailing ship, the Glory of the Seas. It was the first company to pack salmon aboard a ship.

The venture proved so successful that the company towed the boat to the west coast of Prince of Wales Island. A year later in 1912, Seattle-based Oceanic Packing Company constructed the canning facility. The two companies became one and the machinery from Glory of the Seas was transferred to the cannery at Waterfall. This marked the beginning of its climb to becoming the largest, most efficient cannery on the west coast of Prince of Wales Island.

Innovation set Waterfall apart from other canneries of this era. At a time when wireless radios were practically unheard of, Waterfall coordinated shipping logistics between the remote cannery and Ketchikan, relying on carrier pigeons to send messages about crew changes and shipments. As a safety measure, each boat leaving Ketchikan or Waterfall took one of these pigeons on-board. If the boat needed assistance, a bird was released and in less than one hour help was dispatched.

In 1920, the Waterfall cannery had several setbacks, causing it to close its doors for the first time. The market was shaky. One of the key partners died and other business relationships dissolved. It was not until 1922 that the cannery reopened and by 1923 a major change had occurred at the cannery: Waterfall was sold to Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, the owner of the nationwide chain of A&P Stores. Nakat Packing Corporation, a subsidiary of A&P, would operate the cannery for the next 43 years.

Many of the present buildings which stand at Waterfall Resort were constructed in the 1930’s as part of a major expansion that started in 1932. A warehouse, marine way, oil dock and cable house, webbing and trap cables were built. The company also built four new seine boats and a fish tender called Quaker Maid. A store and office building with upstairs living quarters, a new machine shop and storage room were added, along with a mess hall and bunkhouse for inside hands and another for the mechanics and other staff. A new dam and power lines throughout the plant completed the major expansion.

One of the highlights of these upgrades was a new fish house that incorporated the newest ideas for fast, sanitary fish handling. In 1937, the building that housed the canning lines was expanded. Five separate lines of canning equipment were set up within the building. The cannery and outbuildings were considered the finest in Southeast Alaska and cost the company $145,000.

During World War II, Nakat tried freezing fish on an experimental, non-commercial basis. The output in 1946 was 80% Coho Salmon and the rest was Halibut and Ling Cod. The freezing operation was dropped after the 1946 season. With Alaska statehood came the abolishment of the floating salmon trap. Canneries such as Waterfall had to depend on seine-caught salmon, a fishery that was heavily regulated by the state. By 1970, the salmon harvest was too unpredictable to gear up for the summer pack. After that season, Waterfall Cannery never operated again.

In 1973, the cannery and surrounding 34 acres of land were sold to the Des Moore family and they converted the cannery into Waterfall Cannery Resort. In 1980, Waterfall Group, Ltd. purchased the operation and has been running Waterfall Resort ever since. The white clapboard buildings that once provided lodging for cannery workers have been renovated and today provide comfortable accommodations for guests from all over the world.

Waterfall Resort – Where All the Fish Stories are True!