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Yakutat Lodge – Fannings on the Bay

At Yakutat Lodge you’ll experience the majestic beauty of Alaska’s wild gulf coast and the Saint Elias Range. Yakutat is resplendent with North America’s largest glaciers and prolific crystal clear rivers. For those seeking the greatest variety of wildlife, fishing and spectacular Alaskan scenery, Yakutat Lodge is the natural choice.


Getting There

One of the great advantages of visiting Yakutat is that it is serviced by Alaska Airlines which offers scheduled jet services to Yakutat. We suggest Seattle-Yakutat on Alaska Airlines flight #61 departing Seattle at 8:00 am arriving in Yakutat at 11:00 am. Guest depart Yakutat on Alaska’s evening flight #66 at 6:30 pm.

Yakutat Lodge – Affordable World Class Fishing

Yakutat LodgeAlthough Yakutat saltwater fishing is well known as a productive ocean destination, many of our clients come to fish the famous Situk (see-tuk) River, known world-wide for our famous steelhead, king, sockeye, pink, and silver salmon runs.

This association allows for the best of both ocean and river fishing in one destination, allowing a full week to be filled with fishing adventures of all kinds!


Cabins on the Bay

Yakutat LodgeTen new waterfront cabins built in 2010 provide comfortable accommodations for groups of 4-6 or 8-12 guests, each with a private bath. Breakfast is served near the cabins so guests can get an early start to the day. You guide will pack your sack lunch on board your boat.

Dinner is served at the lodge near the airport a few minutes drive from your cabin. A rental car is provided for you at no additional cost. Yakutat Lodge offers a variety of packages tailored to guests interests. Fresh and saltwater fishing is included in all packages. You may also choose to tour the majestic Gulf Coast on our flight-seeing tours of the Hubbard Glacier.


Fanning’s On The Bay – A Premium Experience

Yakutat LodgeFanning’s On The Bay offers rustic elegance in a spectacular wilderness setting. We are committed to making your exclusive stay at Fanning’s On the Bay extraordinary.

Dine on sumptuous Alaskan cuisine knowing your every need will be met by our attentive staff. Fanning’s On The Bay offers rustic elegance in a spectacular wilderness setting.


Extraordinary Accommodations

Yakutat LodgeWe are committed to making your exclusive stay at Fanning’s On the Bay extraordinary. Dine on sumptuous Alaskan cuisine knowing your every need will be met by our attentive staff.

Fanning’s On the Bay accommodates just ten guests in a secluded waterfront setting making it a perfect corporate retreat or destination for your special event.



Listen to the sounds of bald eagles soaring overhead while relaxing with a brandy on your private deck overlooking Yakutat Bay. Scan the magnificent views of sea, and Saint Elias mountains from the comfort of our world-class lodge.

Yakutat LodgeAt the end of the day reflect upon your many accomplishments and sample some of the most spectacular dinner fare in Yakutat. Sip a glass of wine while tasting delicious appetizers.

Dinner almost always includes the finest and freshest seafood just out of the water. Retire in luxury as the sun leaves the northern sky in the land of the midnight sun.



Yakutats’ climate is characterized by mild, rainy weather. Average summer temperatures range from 42 to 60 degrees, while winter averages 17 to 39 degrees. As part of one of the northernmost rainforests in the world, Yakutat gets some of the heaviest precipitation in Alaska.

The weather in Yakutat is wet. Pack your rain gear and clothes that will keep you warm in 40 degrees!

Rich History

Yakutat LodgeYakutat has a diverse cultural history. The original settlers are believed to have been Eyak-speaking people from the Copper River area who were conquered by the Tlingits.

Yakutat means “the place where the canoes rest.” In the 18th and 19th centuries, English, French, Spanish and Russian explorers came to the region.

Fur traders were attracted to the region’s sea otters. The Russian-American Co. built a fort in Yakutat in 1805, to harvest sea otter pelts.

Because the Russians would not allow local Tlingits access to their traditional fisheries, a Tlingit war party attacked and destroyed the post. In 1884, the Alaska Commercial Co. opened a store in Yakutat.

By 1886, the black sand beaches in the area were being mined for gold.

In 1889 the Swedish Free Mission Church had opened a school and sawmill in the area. A cannery, sawmill, store and railroad were constructed beginning in 1903 by the Stimson Lumber Co.

Most residents moved to the current site of Yakutat to be closer to this cannery, which operated through 1970. During World War II, a large aviation garrison and paved runway were constructed. Troops were withdrawn after the war, but the runway is still in use.

Your Hosts

The Fanning Family has operated Alaska’s premier wilderness outfitting businesses for over three decades; sharing hunting and fishing, and high adventure travel experiences throughout Alaska. Ken Fanning, a former Alaskan state legislator, is a full time fishing guide and outfitter.

Ken began managing Yakutat lodge in 1980. The Fanning‘s have a combined 35 years of experience guiding in and around Yakutat.

The seasoned staff at Yakutat Lodge exemplifies the best of friendly Alaskan service, and is world renowned for gracious hospitality, and professional Knowledge.

Yakutat Lodge holds permits for all of the regional rivers including the Anrnklin, Italio, Akwe Situk, Lost, Tawah, Dangerous, Ankau, and Russell Fiord.

The owners and managers live in Yakutat, and although the main fishing seasons are seasonal, our commitment to the community and your enjoyment is full time. The lodge is operational year-round.