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fishing Alaska

Fishing Alaska – What Kind of Angler are You?

Fishing Alaska is lot of fun no matter where you fish. All of it is different and exciting, and all of it can be a challenge as well. But for someone looking to spend some time in Alaska, you may be wondering what type of fishing is best for you? We’ll give you a little insight on the ins and outs of saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing in Alaska and allow you to decide which challenge you’d prefer.

Fishing Alaska

fishing in AlaskaSaltwater Fishing: The first thing to note about saltwater fishing is that, the catches tend to run bigger in size and there is much more variety. Fish caught in the ocean, because of their size can put up a much bigger fight then most freshwater species.

Fishing Alaska’s saltwater fisheries presents other challenges such as weather conditions, tide changes, rough seas, and wind.

The big upside is coming into contact with all types of marine wildlife like whales, Orca, and sea lions.

If you want to bring fish home then saltwater fishing might be a good choice with options like halibut, ling-cod, snapper as well as silver and king salmon.

Ocean caught Alaska salmon and halibut attract anglers from all over the world

When you saltwater fish, perhaps along the West Coast of Prince of Wales Island, the rip roaring ocean currents will provide fast-paced moments of fun adventure and excitement. These waters are rich in bait fish, which in turn attract massive- sized salmon, halibut, red snapper and ling cod.

fishing in AlaskaFreshwater Fishing: Fishing in Alaska’s great rivers and lakes is a perfect fit for those who enjoy being on or close to shore surrounded by nature. Anglers who enjoy putting on some waders and testing their skills against a rainbow trout or arctic char with a fly or casting a lure may also enjoy the easy accessibility found throughout Alaska.

In many areas, you can just pull off the road and access great streams, rivers and lakes.

For many freshwater anglers it’s more about catch and release than filling the freezer. There is a different mind set with freshwater fishing and it has to do with getting in tune with your surroundings and enjoying what these environs offer.

Because you do not require a boat in most cases, freshwater fishing can be a more affordable activity than chartering a boat and captain for an ocean charter.

Now, if you’re interested in catching some Alaskan salmon, you’ll certainly want to look into fishing the Kenai River, where one of our expert guides can put you on the fish and provide all the instruction and gear to make it a successful adventure.

Still Undecided?

If you are on the fence about what type of angler you are why not try a combo trip where you can experience both saltwater and freshwater fishing?  There a number of Alaska lodges which cater to both types of fishing. You can even choose between spin casting of fly-fishing in freshwater and mooching or trolling on the ocean.

Alaska’s Inside Passage Resorts can assist you in locating the perfect lodge, charter boat or guide to fulfill your great Alaska fishing adventure. Call us at 800-926-2477 for more information.

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